Gliding for the Disabled

SGU Walking on Air is a Charity dedicated to making gliding available to the disabled, not just as an “experience” but on the same footing as able-bodied pilots.
Founded in 1998 we operate a modern two seater fibre-glass ASK21 glider, adapted to be entirely hand-controlled, from the Scottish Gliding Union’s Portmoak Airfield near Scotlandwell in Fife, Scotland. 

  • To introduce as many disabled people as possible to the joys of unpowered flight.
  • To train disabled pilots to fly solo.
  • To further train disabled pilots to become gliding instructors with a total understanding of, and sympathy for, the special needs of disabled pilots.
  • To bring the joys of cross-country gliding over the spectacular scenery of Scotland to the widest possible audience.
  • To introduce disabled people, if they wish, to the thrills of acrobatic flight.
  • To aid disabled pilots in the purchase, modification and operation of their own single seat gliders.
  • To promote gliding as a sport accessible to all!

How do I get involved

If you have a disability, which means you could not fly a glider with normal foot controls, you can take part in Walking on Air’s activities

  • Come and learn to fly Trial Lessons
  • Holiday Courses
  • or just come to watch

The Clubhouse is fully accessible and offers.

  • Meals and refreshments
  • Wheelchair friendly toilets and shower
  • Accessible accommodation

For further details visit our website at

or  Phone: 01592 840 222

and leave your name and phone number on our answering machine One of our members will return your call with the latest details and prices and share their enthusiasm for gliding with you.

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