The volunteers who work in the Branch are to be commended for the hard work they do to promote awareness of MS in Fife, and to develop services for the approximately 800 people in Fife who are living with MS.
Some of our volunteers are people who have MS themselves, and others are often carers, friends, family members or simply people who take an interest in helping our work.
Volunteer roles are not always about doing the management work on the committee, we would very much welcome people who are interested in helping in other roles, for instance, IT support, Newsletter Editor, Website administrator .
If you would like to be involved in any of these areas, please contact the Branch to discuss the ways you can help.

The current committee is as follows

Chair – Alastair Gilmour

Secretary – TBA

Treasurer – Margaret Wedderburn

Grants Co-ordinator- Mike Teevan

Kirkcaldy Group Facilitators – Julienne Beaumont and Catherine Anderson

Volunteer Co-ordinator – Amy Sutherland

Fundraiser- Louise Forbes-Blackwood

Committee members – Dave Gray, Catherine Anderson, Kim Donnachie, Liz Teevan

Our self management course leaders:-Liz Teevan

Other volunteers beavering away in the background include

Michael Teevan   IT support
David Matthew (East Group Facilitator)
Kay Whittaker (East Group Facilitator)

Dunfermline Group – Linda Newstead, Sheena Gregory

Lorna Fowler, Central Group

Support Workers:- June Greig, Liz Teevan, Louise Forbes-Blackwood, Julienne Beaumont, Linda Newstead,

Contact Us at:-

Mobile 07733 616 770   or